How a Children’s Dentist in San Diego Differs from a Standard Dentist

How a Children's Dentist in San Diego Differs from a Standard Dentist

There is a difference between visiting a regular dentist and a children’s dentist in San Diego. At Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, we pride ourselves in the services that are available, which are catered specifically to the needs of the children that visit our office.

In fact, all of our patients are children, we don’t offer dental treatments for adults. We are available to care for your child’s dental health from birth through their growing years, and our office is setup to be a fun place designed specifically with children in mind. We have games and toys, TV’s and fun colors on the walls. The office staff is trained to play with each child, and our staff uses specific techniques to keep the dental equipment out of sight as much as possible. When the child is sitting in the dental chair, they can watch cartoons or a movie of their choice.

Also, when your child visits our children’s dentist in San Diego office, they will be able to talk about the health of their teeth in terms that a child can understand. We have specific ways of discussing dental procedures in order to help your child understand the importance of dental health.

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