Talking With a San Diego Kids Dentist About Sedation Options

Talking With a San Diego Kids Dentist About Sedation Options

One of the main reasons a parent chooses our San Diego kids dentist office is because of the fact that we offer different treatment options that include sedation. Many children are frightened of the experience of getting dental work done, and parents can make the decision to determine the best treatment plan for their child.

At our San Diego kids dentist office, we are licensed and qualified to administer sedation treatments including oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, as well as general anesthesia. Each child is unique, and our staff can help you understand the best choice for your child based on their behavioral response and the dental treatments that are required. We offer many options, to allow parents to choose the treatment plan that is best for their child.

Some children are able to sit still in the dental chair, and they aren’t bothered by the treatment process. But, other children feel stressed or anxious about the things that are happening in their mouth. If the child will be moving around during the procedure, then sedation may be considered in order to protect their safety while the dental work is being completed.

At Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, we can help your child to have a good experience. Call us today at (858) 536-1111

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