Should You Take Your Baby to a Children’s Dentist in San Diego?

Should You Take Your Baby to a Children's Dentist in San Diego?

Many parents are unsure about when they should take their baby to visit the dentist. When the baby is newborn, they obviously don’t need dental care because they don’t have any teeth yet. But, when should you schedule that first appointment for your child?

It is a good idea to have your baby visit a children’s dentist in San Diego, such as Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, no later than their first birthday. Most pediatric dentists suggest either 6 months after their first tooth pops through, or around the time of their first birthday.

Even though the child might seem young, starting dental visits early is one of the best ways to care for your child’s dental health and to prevent cavities and gum disease. It is important to be sure that the teeth are healthy during the time that the child is learning to chew and talk, because the muscles in the jaw are developing during those stages of childhood. When you visit our children’s dentist in San Diego office, we will look at the development of the jaw and teeth, and also look for early signs of tooth decay.

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