Why Pediatric Dentists in San Diego Offer Sedation Options

Pediatric Dentists in San Diego

Some parents talk with pediatric dentists in San Diego, such as Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, and they are surprised to learn about the fact that the dental office offers sedation options for major procedures. One question that a parent may ask is: why would I consider sedating my child for a dental procedure.

Fast and Efficient Dental Services
When a pediatric dentist is working on the child’s teeth, they are multitasking by doing the dental work and managing the child at the same time. Young children often get stressed at the dentist’s office, because they don’t understand what is happening in their mouth. So, while a pediatric dentist is working, they need to maintain the conversation in order to explain the treatments in simple terms for the child to understand. This conversation can sometimes slow down the treatment process, because the child wants to stop to ask questions along the way. Sedation is a great option that allows the dentist to focus solely on the treatment at hand, without worrying about the need to talk with the child at the same time.

Less Stress
Children often feel stressed when they need to sit in the dental chair, and sedation is a great way to relieve that stress. When a child is sedated, then they sleep during the entire procedure. The sleeping allows the child to walk away from the dental appointment without remembering the uncomfortable things that happened in their mouth.

Another option is to use a less-invasive option which helps the child to relax, but keeps them awake the entire time. This way, the child doesn’t feel the stress and anxiety of the appointment, and the dentist is able to work on the treatment more quickly.

Quality Dental Treatments
Another benefit to sedation is the fact that the child remains still during the appointment, which helps the dentist to be more precise with the treatments that are being administered. When a child is moving around a lot during the appointment, it is harder for the dentist to complete the treatment. On the other hand, the sedation can keep the child still so that the dentist can complete the procedure faster and more efficiently.
You Choose

One of the advantages to pediatric dentists in San Diego is the fact that sedation options are available, and it is up to the parent to make the decisions about the most effective treatment for their child. As a parent, you can talk with the dental office in order to determine if sedation is a good option for the treatment that is being administered, and then you have the right to make the final decision about how it should be handled. Some parents prefer that their child doesn’t receive sedation, and other parents like the option of sedation during major dental treatments. We respect each parent’s opinion, and strive to support you in your decisions.

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