How Pediatric Dentists in San Diego Help Children to Prevent Cavities

Pediatric Dentists in San Diego

It is common for parents to think about dental work in terms of treating tooth problems after they have occurred. In fact, many parents don’t take their children to the dentist as a preventative measure, instead they wait until the child complains about a tooth problem before scheduling an appointment. But, taking your child to regular visits with a pediatric dentist will help them to establish preventative habits. Pediatric dentists in San Diego, such as children’s Dentistry of San Diego, prefer to see a child on a regular basis, because it means that they can take preventative steps to avoid dental problems.

Prevention vs. Treatment
Once a cavity is present, then there is no way to undo the tooth decay that has occurred. The pediatric dentist can put a filling in that tooth, but if it is a permanent tooth then it means that the child will have to live with that filling for the rest of their life. Instead of waiting for the moment when treatment is needed, it is better to proactively work with a dentist in order to prevent the tooth decay before it occurs.

Prevention is the best strategy, because it is a good idea to avoid major dental treatments if possible. When a young child has a lot of tooth decay, those dental problems can impact their dental health for many years down the road. On the other hand, scheduling regular checkups with pediatric dentists in San Diego means that the child will learn more about daily habits to prevent tooth decay, and they will have a better chance at long-term dental health.

Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth
Another excuse that parents often have is that they don’t think that a dental visit is necessary until the permanent teeth have grown in. If the child has baby teeth, then the parent doesn’t view dentistry as a necessary process, because cavities aren’t a big deal since the baby teeth will fall out… right?

This misconception often results in children having poor dental habits for the rest of their life. Even if the baby tooth will eventually fall out, untreated dental decay in a baby tooth can actually begin to rot the permanent tooth below. Additionally, the child will be learning poor dental habits while they are young, which means that they may have a harder time developing good dental habits as an adult. The best way to form good habits is by learning at a young age, because those habits can be carried into adulthood.

If you want your child to have good dental health, then the best thing that you can do is to schedule regular checkups with pediatric dentists in San Diego. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis will allow your child to understand the importance of regular tooth care, and they will be able to learn more about the preventative steps that can be used to prevent cavities.

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