Why a San Diego Pediatric Dentist Might Recommend Tooth Extractions for Your Child

San Diego Pediatric Dentist

Having a tooth extracted can be a scary experience for a child, and a San Diego pediatric dentist will help you understand if a tooth extraction is the right treatment. At Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, we recognize that there are a few reasons why a tooth extraction might be needed, and we are cautious to only suggest a tooth extraction when it is absolutely necessary.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction
The pediatric dentist will help you to understand if a tooth extraction is needed. There are several situations that might require an extraction. For example, if the mouth is too crowded for the permanent teeth to grow in, then baby teeth might be extracted in order to make room for the permanent teeth. Sometimes, an orthodontist might suggest a tooth extraction in order to achieve the best results as the teeth are moved around. Another reason might be because a baby tooth has been damaged or is decayed, and it might be better to pull the tooth since it will be falling out soon anyway.
As you can see, these situations are unique and they depend on the individual treatments that your child needs. The best option is to talk with your dentist in order to determine if the extractions are the right option, and together you can choose the right treatment for your child.

How Extractions are Completed
When your child is visiting a San Diego pediatric dentist for a tooth extraction, there are specific steps that will be followed in order to make sure the treatment goes as smoothly as possible. The local area will be numb so that the child doesn’t feel pain when the tooth is being removed, and the dentist will take care to be sure the child understands the process in terms that they can understand.

In some situations, it might make sense to have the child sedated for the extraction process, and we can talk with you about the sedation options that are available. Sedation isn’t always needed, but it sometimes makes sense for children who won’t sit still during the treatment process. For example, sometimes children with special needs don’t have the ability to sit still for the entire procedure, and it can be dangerous if they try to move around during the extraction. So, instead of risking their dental health by having a complication during the procedure, it might be better to sedate the child during the appointment.

Before leaving the dental office, you will receive specific instructions about how to care for the wound, so that the location of the extraction heals correctly. Additionally, the child might be given a prescription to help with the pain or to prevent infection, so you can administer the medications as needed.

Children’s Dentistry of San Diego wants to help with the dental health of your child. Call us today and schedule a check up for your child, we are always here to help with any type of dental treatment that might be needed: (858) 536-1111

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