The Typical Visit To A San Diego Kids Dentist

San Diego Kids Dentist

Thinking of bringing your child to a San Diego kids dentist? This could be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and it can have a significant impact on the quality of life of your child for the long-term. By taking care of your child’s dental health while he is still young, you will help ensure a minimum of dental problems when he grows up.

Before the actual appointment, it might help to be aware of what will go in during a typical visit to the dentist. This will help you prepare your child for the experience, and enable you to answer any questions that he may have. Many kids are wary of new experiences, and familiarizing him with the dental experience might help allay his fears so he can develop a healthy attitude toward dentists.

Most visits will begin with a routine examination during which the dentist will clean and floss your child’s teeth. He will also check for cavities and any other issue that needs addressing. The San Diego kids dentist will also inspect the teeth carefully in order to ensure that they are growing properly and that the gums are in a healthy condition. This is especially important as children’s teeth and the jaw are still developing and changing constantly. By making sure that the teeth and gums are developing as they should be, the dentist will ensure the continued good dental health of the child as he grows up.

As part of the cleaning process, the dentist will also clean and polish the teeth with the use of a dental tool such as a scraper and a special toothbrush. The dentist may also use a mirror during this process which makes it easier to see corners and tight spots in the mouth. With the use of a scraper, the dentist will be able to remove accumulated plaque more easily. It is important for dentists to be able to remove plaque, which is a sticky layer that collects over the teeth over time. Because plaque harbors bacteria, it can eventually cause the teeth to decay if not removed, resulting in cavities.

Most dentists will also brush and floss your child’s teeth during the visit. He will likely use a motorized toothbrush equipped with a small rotating tip for this purpose. The toothpaste that the dentist will use will probably be a bit grittier than the toothpaste that your child typically uses. This is because the toothpaste that the dentist will use contains abrasive particles that clean teeth more effectively.

At this point, the San Diego kids dentist may also instruct you and your child on proper brushing and flossing methods. This will give you a good foundation from which to build an effective dental care regimen at home.

Your dentist may also check your child for cavities and apply fluoride. If he detects any other issues with your child’s teeth or gums, he may treat them on the spot or schedule future sessions for treatment.

Learn more about the San Diego kids dentist by calling Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111.

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