Why You Should Take Your Child To A San Diego Kids Dentist

San Diego Kids Dentist

For many parents, the need to take their child to a San Diego kids dentist doesn’t really come to the fore until all his teeth have appeared and he is obviously in need of dental care. Because a child’s teeth can seem perfectly formed and free of blemishes, most parents tend to be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that such things as dental care and visits to the dentist are a long way off into the future.

However, the reality is that children need dental care as soon as their first milk teeth have appeared. Cavities can affect milk teeth just as easily as they can affect permanent teeth, and perhaps even more so. Because of the fragile nature of your child’s first teeth, they are equally at risk for developing cavities. Worse still, the consequences of early cavities can be serious, and they can have a detrimental effect on your child’s dental health later on in his life.

In order to protect your child from teeth and gum-related issues, it will be necessary to take him to a dentist from a young age. The American Dental Association actually recommendations taking your child in for consultation by the time he is a year old. Other experts recommend scheduling the first visit 6 months after the first tooth has appeared. In any case, bringing your child to a dentist is advisable once he shows signs of teeth.

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