Why Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist In San Diego?

Pediatric Dentist In San Diego

Is taking your child to a pediatric dentist in San Diego really necessary? Dentists play an important role in maintaining dental health of course. But most first time parents are unsure of when the proper time for the first visit is, delaying it until well into the later years of childhood. However, it is important to realize that dental care should begin from a very early age. In fact, most dental experts recommend that a child begin seeing a dentist as soon as his first teeth have begun to appear, which should be right around the age of 1 year.

Why so young when the milk teeth have just started to appear at that age? Taking your child to a dentist early on will help ensure the proper development of the milk teeth. This in turn will singly affect the development of the permanent teeth. By taking your child to a pediatric dentist in San Diego early, you will give him a good head start to a life of healthy teeth and gums.

Taking your children to a dentist at a very young age will also enable the detection of any potential problem issues. This will allow the dentist to correct them before they have had a chance to worsen, and to get your child started on a preventive treatment program if necessary.

Taking your child to a dentist for the first time is admittedly a big step. Give us a call at Children’s Dentistry of San Diego (858) 536-1111 and we can help make that step an easier one for you and your child.

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