When Is The Right Time For A San Diego Kids Dentist?

San Diego Kids Dentist

Is your child nearing his first birthday or has his first little teeth started showing? You may not think so, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about taking him to a San Diego kids dentist. Most first-time parents aren’t quite sure when the right time for the fateful event should be, but dental experts actually recommend the first consultation right when the first teeth appear.

There are many good reasons for taking your child to a San Diego kids dentist this early. The first teeth–or ‘milk’ teeth, as they are commonly called–are actually much more fragile than the permanent teeth. In fact, they can be prone to decay, especially if your child likes to drink milk throughout the night. By taking your child in for consultation early, you can help ensure that these teeth have a chance to develop properly. This in turn will ensure the proper development of the permanent teeth, which will lead to better overall dental health as he grows older.

Early consultation will also help the dentist detect any potential problems such as misaligned teeth or crowding. Such issues may seem quite insignificant right now, but they can lead to serious dental problems later on. With early detection, the dentist can take measures to correct them before they have a chance to worsen into a more bothersome and costly dental issue.

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