Kid’s Dentist in San Diego Shares The Joy as the First Tooth Emerges

Kid’s Dentist in San Diego

Your kids dentist in San Diego knows it is an exciting day when a child’s first tooth emerges! That is the beginning of an amazing process evolving into a charming grin, showing the individuality of each child in San Diego California. The teeth that emerge are called baby teeth, eventually replaced by permanent ones. Have you ever wondered why we develop baby teeth first?. Do they actually serve a long-term purpose? Indeed!

Baby teeth actually play an abundance of roles. Most children get their first tooth around the age of six to eight months, but the process can vary from child to child. After the initial tooth eruption, others swiftly follow in a fairly predictable pattern. After their arrival, these tiny teeth take on many roles.

  • Initiate positions for permanent teeth: Losing a baby tooth prematurely can cause a permanent teeth to be wrongly positioned.
  • Baby teeth assist with speech development: Some sounds rely on the teeth, along with the tongue and the lips.
  • Assisting with appropriate jaw and facial formation, these tiny forms are an integral part of the facial framework.
  • The ability of chewing and biting: Eating a healthy diet relies on our ability to consume a variety of foods.

In San Diego California, keeping your child’s smile healthy and happy isn’t a challenge with the right kids dentist in San Diego. Getting a child to the dentist on the first year is the start of that healthy smile. A pediatric dentist, such as Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-111, assess a child’s dental development and provide tips on how to keep teeth and gums healthy.

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