A Pediatric Dentist in San Diego Provides Some Sure Fire Cavity Fighting Tips

Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

The pediatric dentist in San Diego provides some simple cavity-fighting tips that pay off big, when it comes to your child’s long-term oral health in San Diego.

Pay attention to the amount of fruit juice and soda your child drinks. These drinks can be sugary and acidic, paving the way for tooth damage.
Avoid letting children fall asleep with a bottle of milk or juice. Unfortunately, sugars tend to linger on teeth to set the stage for decay.

Contrary to popular belief, sippy cups and bottles can cause damage to teeth. It is best to wait until children reach 12 to 15 months of age, and work with normal cups.

Treat sticky, sugary snack foods like a plague. Shoot for healthy snacks like cheese, fruits, and veggies. Foods like these increase saliva flow, which washes away food particles and bacteria.

Stick to drinking water instead of sports drinks.

Parents can provide more encouragement then anything by simply demonstrating good oral hygiene habits, proving the importance of caring for our teeth.

Try to help your child brush and floss until around age 6 or 7.

Parents should take children to their first dentist visit around age 1,

When children are old enough, check on sealants or a fluoride treatment to help keep teeth decay free then bring them to a pediatric dentist in San Diego.

San Diego CA is the land of sunshine and smiles. We should start our children out on the right track with a reliable San Diego’s Kids Dentist like Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111.

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