San Diego Kids Dentist Suggest Stopping Severe Anxiety via Light Sedation

San Diego Kids Dentist

A San Diego Kids Dentist realizes a visit to the dentist can be a scary prospect for some kids. Realistically, around 15% of Americans around San Diego CA admit avoiding the dentist due to anxiety and fear.

There are several solutions that can help ease your child’s anxiety about their dental visit. Talk to children about the visit, but be somewhat vague. Allow us to answer detailed questions children may have about complex procedures or dental anxiety. We are specially trained to communicate with children regarding dentistry.

For children who are extremely anxious or have complex dental issues to be treated, sometimes sedation is used to help ease anxiety during a child’s visit to our office. Sedation is generally a combination of medications used in conjunction with Nitrous Oxide. Sedation will typically cause your children to become relaxed and drowsy. In some cases, they may simply sleep throughout the procedure.

Concerned with safety? Sedation is absolutely safe. We monitor all our patients during the procedure and our staff is certified and specifically trained in pediatric sedation. Every child’s sedation is based on their individual.

How do I know if sedation is right for my child?
Parents can be assured when a San Diego Kids Dentist uses sedation with a patient, we follow several strict procedures. In San Diego CA, after medications are administered, we will have your child lay down while they take effect, prior to the dental procedures. The staff of Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 puts the comfort of our little patients and that of their parents first.

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