The Digital X-ray Evolution with the Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

The Pediatric Dentist in San Diego knows dentistry is constantly evolving and improving. Recently, more dental offices in San Diego California are converting to digital x-rays. Still, the safety of such radiation continues to be a concern for many.

We try to bring the latest technology in digital radiography to expose you to as little radiation as possible. Unfortunately, dental x-rays are needed annually to detect tooth decay and other conditions not visible during exams. Digital x-rays do produce radiation; however the amount is very low. A full mouth series will use slightly more radiation, but these are only needed once every three to five years.

It has been shown that digital x-rays use up to 80% less radiation than the traditional dental x-rays. Instead of suffering through the irritation of uncomfortable film, digital radio-graphs are taken with a sensor. These new sensors are fast acting, which results in shorter exposure time and a lot less discomfort than the traditional type. Once the x-rays are taken, they can actually be viewed immediately on a computer instead of the old style’s formidable wait time, making the detection of dental abnormalities much quicker.

In San Diego California, each and every type of x-rays (dental and otherwise), patient protection is required during exposure. The Pediatric Dentist in San Diego explain this is to prevent unnecessary amounts of radiation from reaching other parts of the body, such as the thyroid gland. Before taking radiographs, our staff will place a lead apron over the patient to further limit exposure. Be assured, Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111, will make sure our patients are safe and comfortable.

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