What Should Parents Expect on a Child’s First Visit With a Children’s Dentist in San Diego?

Children’s Dentist in San Diego

The first visit to the Children’s Dentist in San Diego can be both exciting and a little scary for both children and parents. The first dental visit is usually very informative. Not to mention, it offers a great introduction into oral health for the future in San Diego California.

What is accomplished at that initial dental visit with a pediatric dentist is not as important as making sure it is a positive experience. This introduces a child with the simple instruments used in the dental office and the friendly staff. Your child will be encouraged to sit in the dental chair for a cleaning and helped to understand and follow a few simple instructions from the dental staff. Dental radiographs aka x-rays are an important part of a complete dental exam too.

Children normally have their teeth cleaned and polished, along with a dental exam. The pediatric dentist will check for decay and look for any irregularities. Parents are always kept informed and encouraged to voice any questions or concerns about their children’s dental health.

A Children’s Dentist in San Diego advises parents never to become discouraged if your child’s behavior not ideal at their first dental visit. We are aware that all types of different emotions can come out during the first dental visit in San Diego California, from both the patient and parent. However, we strive to make each child’s visit a positive one, so call to schedule your appointment today with Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111.

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