San Diego Kid’s Dentist Ponders Why Food Tastes Unpleasant After Brushing

San Diego Kids Dentist

Have you ever wondered why food tastes bad right after you brush your teeth? Sweets, juices and cereal tends to get a bitter, most unpleasant taste, no matter how many times you rinse your mouth. San Diego Kid’s Dentist explains why your little ones might also complain about eating their breakfast after brushing. It has been suggested that the reason for the unpleasantness is sodium laureth sulfate, which is a chemical added to toothpaste to make it foamy.

This chemical also helps spread the toothpaste around, but sodium laureth sulfate does two things to the taste buds… neither of which is to our benefit. It suppresses the receptor for sweetness, and enhances the receptor for bitterness. This makes it no big surprise that grape or orange juice becomes bitter juice after you brushing. Jellys, jams and fruits will also develop a sour taste.

We already know this side effect is temporary, but if you or the little one would rather avoid it, we have some potential remedies that might resolve the problem. Try purchasing a toothpaste made without chemical wetting agents. These SLS- or SLES-free and usually natural products include Tom’s, Sensodyne, Squigle and Jason Powersmile Toothpaste.

Parents should keep in mind that some of these natural toothpastes may also be fluoride-free, which is not recommended. Fluoride is very important to strengthen both adult and children’s tooth enamel. If you’re concerned about SLS or fluoride and want to talk with a San Diego kids dentist, speak with Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 about making the right decision for your child’s personal care.

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