Children’s Dentists in San Diego Advice Children to Sustain from Sugar

Children’s Dentists in San Diego

It is time for adults to sustain from sugar, according to Children’s Dentists in San Diego. Sugar is a dental nemesis, as it is used as the primary energy source by the bacteria in the mouth, generating cavities on your teeth. San Diego CA recently reviewed the American Heart Association (AHA) report detailing a worldwide increase obesity and cardiovascular disease in the past 30 years. This prompted the AHA to release several statements regarding sugar consumption over the last few years. Sugar not only causes cavities, a high intake of sugar increases obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Sugar naturally occurs in many foods but is also added during processing, preparation or at the table. Sugar has no nutritional value aside from providing calories. Over the last 30 years the total amount of calories people consume has increased by around 300 calories a day. Around half of which is for soda.

Children’s Dentists in San Diego are concerned with high sugar consumption, sometimes without knowledge. Almost everything we buy and consume contains sugar in San Diego CA, and around the world. Just as a point of reference, most 12 oz soft drinks have at least 36 grams (9tsp) of sugar. That is the daily suggested amount, wrapped up in a nice, neat sugary drink… of which most American’s consume enthusiastically. Sugar does a lot more than just cause cavities. We at Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 know that sugar tastes good, but the effects are clearly not positive.

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