Kids Dentist In San Diego – When To Take Your Child

Kids Dentist In San Diego

New parents are often at a loss with regard to the ideal age to take their children to a kids dentist in San Diego. It might surprise many to know that the right age is actually earlier than they would think. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in fact recommends that parents take their children in for their first visit before his or her first birthday.

Why so early? Visiting a kids dentist in San Diego at such a young age will help in the early detection of potentially serious dental health problems. A qualified dentist will also start the child off on a lifelong program of proper dental care, and instruct parents on proper dental hygiene practices to implement at home. Any concerns or questions parents may have can also be answered adequately by a dentist.

Apart from the direct clinical benefit, early age dentist visits will also help a child get used to the entire dental care experience. This can prevent potential trauma and aversion to the dentist, both of which can interfere with the ability to receive proper dental care and treatment.

Our dentists have received thorough training in pediatric dental care, and the long years of experience treating young patients has made us acutely aware of the unique needs of children with regard to dental care. By adopting a child-friendly approach and providing a comforting and reassuring environment, we can make the child’s first visit a truly rewarding and pleasant one.

Taking your child to a dentist is the first step in lifelong dental care. Call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego to find out more at (858) 536-1111.

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