Pediatric Dentists In San Diego Advice On Chipped Or Broken Teeth

Pediatric Dentists In San Diego

Among the many dental issues pediatric dentists in San Diego are called upon to treat, chipped or broken teeth can be the most distressing. Such cases are quite common, and they can cause considerable pain and discomfort, not to mention embarrassment. Worse still, broken or chipped teeth can cause long-term dental and dietary problems.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done at home by way of over-the-counter medications or home remedies. Aspirin or some other type of pain reliever may be given to help the patient deal with discomfort, but most cases of broken or chipped teeth should be considered an urgent case that warrants the attention of a pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Cases involving teeth that have been entirely knocked out or dislodged from the gums are especially serious problems. For such cases, treatment from pediatric dentists in San Diego is absolutely essential. If possible, parents should take the tooth to the dentist along with the patient, taking care to handle it as little as possible. The tooth should not be cleaned or even wiped, and is best placed in a jar of milk or water until it is given to the dentist. Via a process called reimplantation, a qualified dentist may be able to return the tooth back into place.

Chipped teeth can cause serious dental problems on top of the pain and discomfort that they cause. Such cases will almost always require the attention of a qualified dental care professional. For dealing with dental issues such broken teeth and more, calling Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 is highly recommended.

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