Brushing And Flossing Tips From A Kids Dentist In San Diego

Kids Dentist In San Diego

Taking your child to a kids dentist in San Diego is an important part of ensuring proper dental health. However, parents have a crucial role to play as well. By providing guidance on proper dental care practices–and actually performing cleaning and dental maintenance tasks while their children are at an age when they are unable to do so for themselves–parents are involved in an essential relationship with pediatric dentists.

One of the tasks that parents have to take on is instructing their children on proper brushing methods. During the child’s first few years, parents will have to do the actual brushing, all the while teaching their children the proper techniques. As the child learns how to brush his own teeth effectively, parents can continue to monitor the process, later allowing the child to do it entirely on his own.

Flossing is another important dental care regiment that can be done at home. As with brushing, the parents should do this for their children until they are able to do it on their own. Parents should being flossing their children’s teeth beginning at age 4 until they turn 8, by which time most children can typically do a proper job on their own.

As essential as proper home dental care is, it can’t totally replace the professional dental care provided by a kids dentist in San Diego. Parents should work with closely with their child’s dentist in order to formulate the most effective dental treatment plan appropriate to their child’s needs. For the most qualified dental care available, call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111.

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