How a San Diego Kids Dentist Recommends Brushing a Child’s Teeth

San Diego Kids Dentist

Convincing a child to brush his teeth is a challenge, but it very important to his overall oral health. The problem is that toddlers do not understand this importance and simply view brushing their teeth as a negative experience that they want to avoid. A visit to a San Diego kids dentist can provide you with a few outstanding tips that are sure to help you in this struggle.

Create a Routine
One of the first things that any San Diego kids dentist will tell you is to make brushing the child’s teeth part of a regular nightly routine. Get the teeth brushed before the child gets too tired, since this can make it even more difficult to get the child to go along with it.

Play with the Toothbrush
If you only bring out the toothbrush when it is time to brush the child’s teeth, you could run into some problems. Instead, allow the child to brush her doll’s teeth or even your teeth if it helps. By incorporating playtime into the brushing routine, you can make it much less scary for the child.

Make the Child Comfortable
Occasionally, you might get frustrated and attempt to force the child to brush his teeth. This is counterproductive, however, as it turns brushing into a punishment. Make sure that the child is comfortable with the entire process and if he refuses to brush his teeth at a certain time, try again later. Making the child comfortable can also make future dentist visits easier. Call the Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at 858 536-1111 for more information on what you can do to comfort your child when brushing her teeth or before her first dentist visit.

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