Drinking Water Helps Kids Dentist in San Diego Clean Your Teeth

Kids Dentist in San Diego

Water is essential for human life and has a very important role in the preservation of our teeth. During the summer months, your children will play outside and require fluids to prevent dehydration. A kids dentist in San Diego would ask that you forgo the sugary sodas and juices and stick with water, as this can do wonders for a child’s oral health.

How it Works
Our teeth have enamel, which is the hardest substance on the body. This enamel is what keeps our teeth strong and prevents them from breaking. When sugar is introduced to bacteria that are found in our mouths, however, it creates an acid. This acid, in turn, damages our enamel. As the enamel wears down, it leads to tooth decay, cavities and, in some cases, lost teeth. As a parent, you can help your kids dentist in San Diego to preserve your child’s teeth by avoiding the sugar drinks and having them drink as much water as possible.

Water Tips
It goes without saying that your child likes the flavor of sugary drinks and that is why they are so popular. This can make it difficult to convince your child to drink water, but there are some tricks that you can use. Start by using colorful straws and bottles for the water around the house. You can also add lemons, limes, or oranges to your water to give it some flavor.

Teach your children about the damage that sugar can do to their teeth and, hopefully, they will choose to make smarter choices regarding the fluids that they drink. Visiting a pediatric dentist like Children’s Dentistry of San Diego can also help with the education process, as they will teach your child all about proper dental care. Give them a call at 858-536-1111 to set up an appointment.

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