What Pediatric Dentists in San Diego Say about Soda

Pediatric Dentists in San Diego

A very strong link exists between the consumption of soda and tooth decay. It is believed that one of the reasons why young people have so many tooth problems is that sugary drinks are so widely available. While it is unrealistic to eliminate soda from your child’s diet completely, following a few tips put forth by pediatric dentists in San Diego can help limit the damage that is done.

Important Information
When the sugar that is found in soda mixes with the bacteria in a person’s mouth, it forms an acid. Even sugar-free soda is acidic, so it still does damage to the teeth. Every time a person takes a sip of soda, it attacks the teeth for about 20 minutes. This weakens tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay.

What to Avoid
Because each acid attack lasts for 20 minutes after a sip of soda, pediatric dentists in San Diego say to avoid drinking soda slowly. This prolongs the attack and does more damage to the teeth. In addition, children should never drink soda too close to bedtime, as this allows the acid to sit in their mouth all night.

What You Can Do
Have your children drink soda in moderation and use a straw to keep this sugar from touching their teeth. Every time children drink soda, they should rinse their mouths with water or brush their teeth. Drinking water can dilute the acid and limit the damage that it does to the teeth. Calling Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at 858-536-1111 is also a good idea because regular cleanings can prevent tooth decay in children.

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