Should Your Children’s Dentist in San Diego Install Sealants?

Children's Dentist in San Diego

Tooth sealants are essentially a thin coating that goes over the molars and prevents tooth decay. Children’s mouths are full of bacteria, which turns to acid when combined with sugar. Applying sealants to the molars prevents these acids from reaching the tooth and, therefore, helps children to avoid cavities. Ask your children’s dentist in San Diego about sealants if you wish to have them applied to your kid’s teeth.

When to Apply Them
Sealants are usually applied when a child’s adult teeth have just appeared in the mouth. In most cases, the first set of molars grows in between the ages of five and seven, while the second set appears when the child is between 11 and 14 years of age. Having a children’s dentist in San Diego place sealant on the molars at this time is a good long-term solution to tooth decay.

Other Methods
In addition to applying sealants to your child’s teeth, you might consider some other methods of preventing tooth decay. Start by having your child drink plenty of water and using fluoride supplements. The child should also eat a health diet that does not include much sugar and brush her teeth at least twice per day.

The Dentist
If you are interested in having a sealant applied to your child’s teeth, make an appointment with a local dentist. Children’s Dentistry of San Diego can apply sealants and handle the rest of your child’s dentistry needs, including cleanings, extractions, fillings, pulp treatments, and crowns. You can book an appointment today by calling 858-536-1111.

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