Getting Over Fear of a Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

Often times, children are terrified of visiting the dentist. This is a perfectly normal reaction, as the drilling, the uncomfortable environment, and everything else that is going on at a pediatric dentist in San Diego is sure to cause anxiety in most kids. There are some ways around this, however, as long as you keep the lines of communication open and follow a few simple tips

Talk to Your Child
Ask why he is scared of the dentist or what he is most scared of before his visit. Maybe he doesn’t like the noises, is scared of needles, or is worried about something else entirely. Write down each of his concerns and address them individually, as this gives you the best chance of getting to the root of the problem.

Bring Distractions
Once you make an appointment with a pediatric dentist in San Diego, come up with some methods of distracting the child prior to him sitting in the dentist’s chair. Many parents will bring music and earphones to help calm their child throughout the appointment. Anything that you know will calm your child should be considered in this situation.

Ask the Dentist
Before your child goes through with any dental procedure, ask the dentist if he or she has any recommendations for calming the child’s nerves. Offices like Children’s Dentistry of San Diego have many years of experience with kids and can let you know what has worked with other young people in the past. Give them a call at 858-536-1111 if you have any questions or to book your child’s next appointment.

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