Sedation at a Kids Dentist in San Diego

Kids Dentist in San Diego

When your child gets scared prior to a visit to a kids dentist in San Diego, you might come up with all kinds of tricks to alleviate these fears. In the end, the best option might be to have your child sedated before the appointment, as this can help to keep him calm and allow the dentist to work on his teeth. While sedation is not right for every situation, it is worth considering if your child will not calm down otherwise.

Sedation Explained
Generally, sedation occurs by administering nitrous oxide to the patient. The child remains conscious after the nitrous oxide has been given, but she will become drowsy and much more relaxed. This type of sedation works well because is eliminates much of the anxiety that visits to a kids dentist in San Diego can bring and helps the dentist to get through the appointment safely.

Is It Safe?
Sedation is completely safe and is always administered by a licensed professional. This is different from anesthesia, as the child is awake the entire time and can communicate with the dentist during the procedure. Keep in mind that the child’s vital signs will be measured while she is sedated as well, which minimizes the potential risks.

Will it Work for Your Child?
If you are unsure about the use of nitrous oxide on your child, call the dentist beforehand with any questions that you might have. Children’s Dentistry of San Diego is licensed to provide this form of sedation to patients. You can contact them with any questions by calling 858-536-1111.

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