Pediatric Dentists in San Diego and Bleeding Gums

Pediatric Dentists in San Diego

Ensuring that your children have healthy gums is essential to their dental health as a whole. The whole purpose of oral hygiene is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and if your child’s gums are regularly bleeding, it is often a sign that there is a problem. Parents should be aware of what bleeding gums could mean and direct any concerns that they might have to one of the many pediatric dentists in San Diego.

Poor Brushing Habits
Perhaps the most common cause of bleeding gums is poor brushing. It is important that you set a schedule for your child to follow and make sure that he brushes according to this schedule daily. When your child does not brush his teeth regularly, the gums can bleed because of the trauma that brushing causes. The same can be said if you do not floss your child’s teeth at least once per day.

More Significant Problems
Other reasons why your child’s gums are bleeding include gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is a minor inflammation of the gums that is caused by a buildup of plaque. In most cases, improved oral hygiene can alleviate this issue very quickly. Periodontal disease occurs when gingivitis is not treated and is much more serious. Once periodontal disease takes hold, the teeth begin to separate from the gums, leading to significant dental problems. A visit to one of the pediatric dentists in San Diego is essential if you believe that your child is suffering from this affliction.

Regular Appointments
Your child should visit the dentist at least twice per year for a cleaning and checkup to minimize the chance of running into serious gum problems. The people at Children’s Dentistry of San Diego specialize in treating kids and are standing by at 858-536-1111 to make your appointment.

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