How a Kids Dentist in San Diego Prevents Tooth Decay

kids dentist in San Diego

There are four different things that come together to create cavities: a tooth, some bacteria, sugars or carbohydrates, and time. Dentists work hard to prevent cavities by keeping bacteria away from the teeth and advising patients to avoid sugary foods. They also let their patients know that as more time goes by without a tooth cleaning, the chances of a cavity increase. Having your child visit a kids dentist in San Diego at a young age can help prevent tooth decay by providing a full cleaning before damage is done to her teeth.

Cleaning and Fluoride
Perhaps the most important thing that a kids dentist in San Diego does is cleaning, polish, and apply fluoride to a child’s teeth. This is all part of the prevention program that helps children to avoid cavities. As the dentist inspects the teeth, he or she will also see how good of a job the child is doing of cleaning them herself. If the child appears to be at a high risk for developing cavities, the dentist might schedule more appointments in the near future.

Brushing Habits
The dentist will also teach your child how to brush and floss properly, which goes a long way towards keeping his teeth healthy long-term. After all, he can’t visit the dentist every night to have his teeth cleaned, so brushing and flossing at home is essential. Learning these skills the right way helps prevent tooth decay throughout the child’s lifetime.

How to Make an Appointment
To get a head start on the prevention of tooth decay, call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111. Their child-friendly office is the perfect place to have your child learn dental hygiene skills that will last forever.

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