Sedation Options at a San Diego Kids Dentist

San Diego Kids Dentist

There are a number of reasons why you might want your child to be sedated during his visit to a San Diego kids dentist. For starters, he might be scared of the instruments that will be used on his teeth. This is perfectly normal, especially in younger children. There is also a chance that the procedure will hurt, which is another reason to offer sedation. No matter what your reason might be for seeking a sedative for your child, you will have a few different options.

Nitrous Oxide
The most common sedative used at the dentist’s office is nitrous oxide. This gas is relatively mild and easily reversible, making it perfect for this type of situation. If you feel as though your child needs a sedative during her next appointment, talk to your dentist about this product.

General Anesthesia
In situations where your child is undergoing a more serious procedure, the dentist might use a general anesthetic. This is normally reserved for surgeries or root canals where the pain could become overwhelming for the child. Ask your San Diego kids dentist if they offer anesthetic at their office or if you will be forced to visit a specialist to receive this type of sedation.

Before Your Appointment
Prior to visiting a particular dentist, ask what they have to offer in terms of sedation. Whether your child has to undergo a painful procedure or is simply nervous about sitting in the dentist’s chair, sedation can definitely help. Call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 for more information on the sedation options that they have for your child.

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