Dental Radiographs at the Children’s Dentist in San Diego

Children’s Dentist in San Diego

In many cases, dental radiographs, also known as x-rays, are a vital part of a child’s dental experience. This process is necessary for diagnosing a number of different dental problems and without it, many of these conditions would be missed entirely. While you might be apprehensive about exposing your child to this radiation, it is completely safe and could save your child from further dental issues.

What They Detect
Perhaps the main thing that radiographs detect is tooth decay. They allow a children’s dentist in San Diego to see inside the child’s teeth and provide an earlier diagnosis. Radiographs can also diagnose problems like bone diseases and dental injuries, which cannot be seen with a traditional dental exam. In the end, finding these issues early makes them easier, and less expensive, for the dentist to treat.

How Often?
Generally, your child will only need x-rays once per year. In situations where your child is at a higher risk of developing tooth decay, the dentist might recommend x-rays every six months. Keep in mind that your children’s dentist in San Diego will take the necessary steps to reduce the amount of radiation that your child is exposed to, which minimizes the overall risk involved.

Choosing a Dentist
When making a dentist appointment for your child, choose a provider that won’t overexpose your child to x-rays and will have the necessary safeguards in effect. Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, which can be reached at 858-536-1111, has years of experience treating children and knows that while x-rays are a valuable tool, they should not be overused in a dental setting.

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