Sedation Techniques at the Kids Dentist in San Diego

Kids Dentist in San Diego

When taking your child to the kids dentist in San Diego, it might become necessary for your child to be sedated. In most cases, sedation is only necessary when the child is getting fillings or undergoing a more serious procedure, but sometimes dentists will sedate anxious children during a checkup. Make sure that you ask your dentist about the sedation techniques used before your visit, so that you are not caught off guard when this is recommended.

Basic Sedation
In most cases, the dentist won’t need to put the child completely under, as a conscious sedation will be more than enough. Popular basic sedation techniques include nitrous oxide or an oral sedative that comes in a syrup or pill form. Keep in mind that if a kids dentist in San Diego uses one of these techniques, it means that the office is perfect qualified to do so and it is completely safe.

When a child is in need of a more serious procedure, your dentist might recommend the use of a general anesthetic. In this situation, the child will be completely unconscious while the dentist safely performs the procedure. Many times, this will be performed outside of the dentist office, although some providers have the capability to apply anesthetics on-site.

The Dentist
Make sure that you ask your pediatric dentist about the sedation options that are available before your first visit. By speaking with the dentist, you can inform yourself about all of the options and make your decision based on this information. Call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at 858-536-1111 to learn more.

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