X-Rays at the Kids Dentist in San Diego

Kids Dentist in San Diego

X-rays are an extremely valuable diagnostic tool for a dentist because they provide so much insight into the health of a patient’s teeth. Before taking your child to see a kids dentist in San Diego, ask about the use of x-rays and the types of x-rays being used in the office. That way, you can do your research beforehand to determine if you are comfortable with this procedure.

Bitewing X-rays
Generally, bitewing x-rays are used to see between the child’s teeth. This allows the dentist to see if cavities are starting to form in these areas. For the most part, this type of x-ray isn’t necessary until the teeth at the back of the child’s mouth are making contact with one another.

Periapical X-rays
This type of x-ray is important because it allows the kids dentist in San Diego to see the permanent teeth that are forming under the baby teeth. They also provide access to the roots of the teeth and the child’s bone structure. Having this information allows dentists to fix problems early in the child’s life.

Other X-rays
Other types of x-rays include panoramic, occlusal, and orthodontic. For the most part, these types of x-rays are reserved for situations where the child has been injured or if the dentist doesn’t have access to bitewing or periapical machines.

Your Appointment
It’s usually a good idea to make your appointment with an experienced pediatric dentist, as this ensures that your child is treated using the most up to date equipment. Call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at 858-536-1111 to get your child in to have his teeth examined as soon as possible.

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