How Pediatric Dentists in San Diego Crown Baby Teeth

Pediatric Dentists in San Diego

Tooth decay is the main reason why pediatric dentists in San Diego place crowns on baby teeth. Even though these teeth will eventually fall out on their own, they are essential to your child’s development. Therefore, if your toddler ends up with tooth decay at a young age, it is vital that you visit a dentist to have this problem fixed immediately.

Why It’s Important
Toddlers need their teeth to chew their food properly, speak normally, and maintain spacing in their mouths. Without these teeth, major problems can arise. Putting a crown on a toddler’s teeth might sound unnecessary, but it can stop the spread of tooth decay and help the child’s mouth to develop naturally. There are a number of different crowns available and the type that your toddler will need depends on the severity of her problems.

The Procedure
It is usually possible for pediatric dentists in San Diego to form and place your child’s crowns in a single visit. The dentist starts by rubbing some cream on the toddler’s gums to numb the area. A local anesthetic is then used to further numb the area, so that the toddler doesn’t feel any pain. The dentist then uses a drill to remove any tooth decay that is present and fit the crown properly.

Preventing Decay
Of course, you’re better off doing everything in your power to prevent tooth decay, so that crowns don’t become necessary. Make regular dentist appointments for your child by calling Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 and, hopefully, you can prevent your child from having to go through this procedure.

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