The Typical Visit to a Pediatric Dentist in San Diego for an Infant

Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

When taking an infant between the ages of six months and one year to a pediatric dentist in San Diego, you might wonder about the procedure. After all, you are well aware that most children struggle to sit still at that age, which can make it difficult to get through an appointment. Luckily, a kid’s dentist will have gone through with specialized training and, therefore, will have a firm grasp on how to get your child through this first visit.

Calming the Child
Depending on your child’s temperament, the dentist will have a few different methods of keeping your child calm. Many times, a pediatric dentist in San Diego will have the child sit on your lap during the examination. In other cases, the child might just sit on a table or in a chair. It all depends on how your child reacts to being in the office.

What is Done
Once the child is calm enough, the dentist will start by evaluating the child’s overall oral hygiene. This might include asking you about the child’s eating and drinking habits, in addition to examining the child’s teeth for signs of decay. The dentist will then clean the teeth, in necessary, while demonstrating proper brushing techniques for you to use at home.

Where You Should Go
It’s always recommended that parents take their children to a dentist with child-centric training because this makes the process easier on the child. Children’s Dentistry of San Diego is one such office in Southern California, as all of its dentists specialize in treating children. You can make an appointment by calling 858-536-1111.

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