Sealants at the San Diego Pediatric Dentist

San Diego Pediatric Dentist

Preventing tooth decay is very important and there are many different ways to go about this. One such method is by having your San Diego pediatric dentist apply sealants to your child’s teeth. These sealants act as a barrier between your child’s teeth and the acid that forms in their mouths and do a great job of preventing cavities.

When to Get Sealants
For the most part, your child won’t get sealants until her first permanent molars come through the gums. This usually occurs between the ages of five and seven. Permanent molars usually feature naturally occurring grooves, which act as a haven for bacteria. As a result, these molars are more susceptible to tooth decay, as food sits in these grooves, mixed with bacteria, and turns to acid.

What is a Sealant
A tooth sealant is a clear plastic-like substance that coats the child’s teeth. A San Diego pediatric dentist paints this substance on the child’s molars and it can prevent cavities from forming. Because these sealants are so easy to put on the teeth, there is no teeth for any sedation. They are definitely a great option if you want to prevent your child from getting cavities in the future.

Where to Find Sealants
Many pediatric dentist are able to apply sealants to your child’s teeth. It’s always a good to go with a dentist that is exclusively pediatric, as this ensures that the office is comfortable when treating children. Call (858) 536-1111 to contact Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, as they deal solely with children and know a great deal about the right time to apply sealants.

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