Toddler Toothbrushes at the Kids Dentist in San Diego

Kids Dentist in San Diego

You might know that you should start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they start coming in, but you might not know what you should be using to handle this cleaning. Using a traditional adult toothbrush isn’t a good idea for toddler, as it can be over-inserted and becomes a choking hazard. Your kids dentist in San Diego can recommend a child-friendly toothbrush for you to use to get the best results with your child’s teeth.

Toddler-Friendly Design
Generally, toddler toothbrushes look much like a teething toy. They are oblong-shaped with one narrow end and one wide end. The wide end allows for easy gripped, which is handy when teaching the child to use the toothbrush on his own. The narrow end helps it to easily fit inside of the child’s mouth, so that you can easily brush the child’s small teeth.

When to Start
Even though your toddler is too young to be responsible for brushing her own teeth, your kids dentist in San Diego might recommend letting her try. Once you have finished brushing her teeth, let her try using the toothbrush as well. That way, she can begin to learn how it is done and will be ready to brush her own teeth once she is school-aged.

Regular Appointments
Taking your child to see the dentist at consistent intervals can also help keep his teeth healthy. Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, which can be reached at (858) 536-1111, is one such option in the city. With an experience staff and a child-friendly office, this dentist is the first choice for many parents in the area.

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