Why a San Diego Kids Dentist Recommends Flossing

San Diego Kids Dentist

You probably know that it is important for your child to floss her teeth, but you might not know how much good it can actually do. Your San Diego kids dentist will recommend that your child flosses her teeth every day, as it can prevent a number of different dental maladies today and well into the future.

Removes Tartar
Flossing between trips to the San Diego kids dentist removes tartar from between the teeth. Tartar is created when food particles and bacteria accumulate on the surface of the teeth and while brushing helps with the front and back, it doesn’t do much for the area in between.

Eliminates Tooth Decay
Once plaque builds up between the teeth, it can quickly lead to tooth decay if it is not treated right away. This is because the bacteria that is found in this plaque can turn acidic and create holes in a person’s teeth. Flossing this plaque away helps immensely because it prevents plaque from sitting on the surface of the tooth for too long.

Prevents Gum Disease
Gum disease, or gingivitis, forms when plaque is allowed to hang out near the gum line. Flossing removes this plaque and prevents it from turning into gum disease.

Easier Dentist Appointments
Of course, the better job your child does of flossing his teeth, the easier his appointments at Children’s Dentistry of San Diego will be. Call (858) 536-1111 to schedule a visit and if your child has been taking care of his teeth, hopefully all he will need is a cleaning.

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