3 Teething Remedies From a Children’s Dentist in San Diego

Children’s Dentist in San Diego

When your child starts teething, it can create a helpless feeling. The nights get longer when your little one isn’t sleeping and the days can be agonizing if she is in pain. Luckily, your children’s dentist in San Diego does have some great home remedies that you can try, which can help make this stage of your child’s life more bearable.

Facial Massage
Start by gently rubbing the baby’s face and jaw in a circular motion to relieve some of his pain. You can also massage his gums directly with your fingers. This allows you to feel where the tooth is breaking through the gums, so you know exactly where the pain is coming from.

Distract the Child
When your baby starts to get worked up because of her sore gums, try distracting her. Going for a walk playing a game or turning on some music can give the baby something else to focus on and, hopefully, take her mind off the pain temporarily.

Essential Oils
In some cases, your children’s dentist in San Diego might suggest using essential oils to treat your baby’s gums. Clove essential oil, for example, can numb the gums, while lavender essential oil provides a calming effective when rubbed behind the ears. If you choose to use this method make sure that the oils are 100 percent natural because this ensures that the oils don’t contain toxins.

The Dentist
Once your baby’s first teeth arrive, the next step is to visit a pediatric dentist like Children’s Dentistry of San Diego. Call them at 858-536-1111 to schedule your child’s first dentist visit.

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