Dental Myths Busted By a Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

As with anything else in life, there are plenty of myths surrounding dental care. For the most part, these myths try to downplay the importance of pediatric dentistry and taking care of a child’s teeth. Luckily, a pediatric dentist in San Diego is here to dispel some of these myths and ensure that children of all ages receive the proper dental treatment.

Regular Visits Aren’t Necessary
Some children grow up believing that they only have to visit the dentist if they feel pain in their mouths. This is false, however, as waiting until the problem causes significant pain could lead to serious tooth problems. Go to the pediatric dentist in San Diego as least twice per year to avoid dealing with issues like cavities and gum disease in the future.

Baby Teeth Aren’t Important
Another common myth is that since baby teeth fall out anyway, they aren’t vital to a child’s long-term development. The truth is that these teeth are important because they act as placeholders for the permanent teeth that will arrive later. When a child’s baby teeth aren’t healthy, there is a good chance that her adult teeth won’t be healthy either.

Any Dentist Will Do
While all dentists have similar levels of education, pediatric dentists go through additional training to teach them more about dealing with children’s teeth. For this reason, it is a good idea to take your child to a pediatric dentist like Children’s Dentistry of San Diego. You can book an appointment today by phoning them at (858) 536-1111.

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