The Kids Dentist in San Diego and Losing Teeth

Kids Dentist in San Diego

You might not know what to expect when your child starts losing his teeth. After all, the last time you dealt with tooth loss was when you were about that age and you probably don’t remember much of the process. Luckily, your kids dentist in San Diego will walk you through this entire procedure and you will see that is isn’t all that complicated for a parent.

Toothless Grins
The main thing that you will notice during this time is that your child looks completely different. She will be missing her front teeth for a short period, so she’s bound to change in appearance. When her new teeth come in, they will look too big for her face at first. Don’t worry, however, as she’ll grow into them very quickly.

Teething Pain
Your child won’t feel any pain when he loses his baby teeth, as long as they come out naturally. What does sometimes hurt, however, is when the six-year molars start to push through the gums. This can lead to some swelling and tenderness along the gum line, but this doesn’t last for long. Your kids dentist in San Diego might recommend giving your child some ibuprofen to help minimize this discomfort.

Dentist Visits
It’s a good idea to continue with your regularly scheduled dentist visits during this time, so that the dentist can keep an eye on how the child’s adult teeth are coming in. Call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 to schedule a visit and ensure that your child’s permanent teeth are healthy and strong.

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