The Kids Dentist in San Diego and Sensitive Teeth

Kids Dentist in San Diego

Does your child have sensitive teeth? This is very common with young people and it can mean a few different things. It is important that you don’t worry too much about your child’s sensitive teeth and instead book an appointment with a kids dentist in San Diego to see if there is an underlying cause to this problem that can be easily treated.

Strengthen the Enamel
In some cases, your child might have weakened tooth enamel. While this isn’t ideal, there are some things that the kids dentist in San Diego can do to treat it. By applying a fluoride treatment to the tooth, the dentist can make the enamel stronger, which will hopefully allow your child to enjoy hot and cold food and drinks in the near future.

Possible Cavities
Being overly sensitive to certain foods could also be a sign that your child is suffering from tooth decay. In these cases, the dentist will fill the tooth, which will prevent the decay from spreading. Once again, if this was the cause of the issue, your child’s teeth should be perfectly healthy immediately after the treatment.

See the Dentist’s
No matter what you believe is the cause of your child’s sensitive teeth, it is vital that you see the dentist about it. After all, if you were struggling to eat your favorite foods, you’d surely want some sort of treatment for your teeth. Call Children’s Dentistry of San Diego at (858) 536-1111 to make an appointment to end your child’s fight with sensitive teeth

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