The Stages of Dental Hygiene From a Kids Dentist in San Diego

Kids Dentist in San Diego

Over the years, your child will go through a number of different stages in regards to his oral development. At each stage, you must do your part to ensure that your child keeps his teeth in good shape. By learning as much as possible from a kids dentist in San Diego, you give yourself a much better chance of preserving your child’s teeth.

Baby Care
Before your child has teeth, you should start cleaning her gums with a cloth after each feeding. Not only does this remove milk or formula from the gums, but it also stimulates the gum tissue. Then, once the child’s first teeth arrive, you should start using a toothbrush on them twice per day.

Preschooler’s Teeth
When your child is about three years old, he will have all of his teeth. At this point, you can start teaching him some proper brushing techniques. While he will still need you to brush for him, you can start the teaching process at this age. A kids dentist in San Diego can help you immensely by showing you and your child some great techniques as well.

Older Children
As your child ages, they can start brushing their own teeth. A seven-year-old child should be able to brush her own teeth with your supervision. Once your child is about nine, she should be able to handle the job without supervision. Of course, through everything, continue to book appointments with Children’s Dentistry of San Diego. You can reach them at (858) 536-1111.

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