• asteroidsAsteroids

    Fly around in space and shoot the asteroids. Every 10,000 points earns a bonus ship!
    Controls: Left arrow key=turn left; Right arrow key=turn right; Up arrow key=thrust forward; Space=fire missile; Shift key=hyperspace; P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit; M key=mute/unmute.

  • froggerFrogger

    Carefully guide the frog across traffic and over the water to safety.
    Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys=move frog; Spacebar or P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit; M key=mute/unmute.

  • pongPong

    Use your paddle to hit the square ball back at your opponent. It can’t get much more simple than this!
    Controls: Mouse=move paddle up/down.

  • simonSimon

    Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them. Simon says…
    Controls: Mouse=click on the flashing buttons; R key=red button; G key=green button; B key=blue button; Y key=yellow button.

  • snakeSnake

    Guide the snake to eat the food. Be careful…the more you eat the longer you grow!
    Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys=move snake; Spacebar or P key=pause/unpause.

  • space-invadersSpace Invaders

    Use your ship to shoot the aliens before they get you. A classic shoot ’em up!
    Controls: Left arrow key=move left; Right arrow key=move right; Spacebar=fire laser; P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit.

  • tetrisTetris

    Arrange the falling blocks in rows and don’t let them pile all the way to the top of the screen or you’ll lose!
    Controls: Left arrow key=move shape left; Right arrow key=move shape right; Down arrow key=drop shape faster; X or Up arrow key=rotate clockwise; Z key=rotate counter-clockwise; P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit; M key=mute/unmute.

  • tic-tac-toeTic-Tac-Toe

    Get three X’s in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to win. Play against the computer or a friend.
    Controls: Mouse=place X or O in a square.