Summer Dental Tips

Summer Dental TipsThe freedom from school and homework, exciting adventures at the pool or beach, and late nights around the fire with smores are all things children look forward to during the summer. With all this fun, it can be easy to let your child’s dental routine waiver a bit, but we’ve made a list of our best summer dental tips to help keep your child’s oral health on track this summer.

Keep A Routine

With no school and all the fun activities, families can do together during the summer, it can be easy to forget to brush before bed or after a night of sleeping in. However, it is important even during the summer to help keep your child’s dental routine.

Brushing together daily can help your child establish a good routine. Remember to brush twice a day for 2 minutes a day with fluoride toothpaste and to floss at least once a day. Children should be flossing between any two teeth that touch. If your child is under the age of 10, they may need help flossing or need to use a floss threader to help get the job done.

If you go on vacation this summer, make sure that all your oral care essentials are in your suitcase.

Snack Smarter

The summer heat means a lot of summer treats to beat the heat, from ice cream and popsicles to lemonade and ice-cold slushes! Sugary sweets and drinks can be a great refresher but remember to enjoy them in moderation and wash any sugary treats down with water afterward.

Summer means children may be indoors more often than during the school year. One of the best summer dental tips we can offer is to snack healthy, avoiding foods that are too acidic, sugary, or starchy. Stock your home with healthy snack options for hungry children. Keep washed fruit in a bowl that is visible and accessible. Vegetables that are washed and cut into easy bites can also be a healthy and fast snack. All fruit popsicles or yogurt can be a cool treat that is both healthy and refreshing.

Choose Water

The heat can quickly tire you out and staying hydrated is important. Make sure to always have cool water on hand for your children especially when they are playing outside. Though it is common during sporting events to drink sports drinks or sugary juices, water is the best drink you can give your child to replenish their energy and keep them hydrated.

Mouthguard Protection

During recreational activities and sports, we recommend your child use a mouthguard, even if not a contact sport. Mouthguards protect your teeth and jaw from becoming severely injured in the event of an accident.

Schedule An Appointment

The summer is a great time to schedule your child for their check-up and cleaning. If you book an appointment during the summer, your child’s dentist can make sure their teeth are healthy after all the summer snacking and fun, allowing your child to return to school with a clean and healthy smile.

The summer is a great time for families to get out and spend time together during the hot summer days and warm summer nights. Remember that all food choices are fun and acceptable in moderation. We hope these summer dental tips will help your child’s smile shine bright during the season. For more summer dental tips or to schedule an appointment, contact Children’s Dentistry of San Diego today.

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