Sarem C.

June 11, 2018

Today was the 1st time we took our son Sean to you guys, and although I had already seen your high ratings, I was still blown away at experiencing how great your office is! Friendly smiles greeted us, we got some coffee (how cool is that?), kids checked out all the fun stuff, and I LOVE how fun the dentist & assistant made it (they even knew about Angry Birds since my son had a tattoo & you guys had the stickers!). The TV on the ceiling is a nice touch as well! The dentist himself was thorough in checking his teeth & explaining everything to us that we didn’t even have questions afterwards. It was so much info that it really made the 1st dentist/office we went to look awful. I think it was that moment when my husband finally realized why we need a place like this that knows what they’re doing, and most importantly, won’t traumatize him. As the dentist spoke, I think it finally clicked to my husband why we need to be picky about who is his dentist, cause I was one of those kids who are STILL traumatized after what I experienced as a kid. I want my son to love the dentist. Lol – Everyone was great, organized (really, really organized & quick), and really made the visit fun. He was so scared at the previous dentist, so I sensed he was the tiniest bit anxious today, but that went away after the xrays. Wow!
My boy loved his goody bag, and not long after we came home, he used the items and told me “Wasn’t that dentist place so cool?” “Did you have a dentist like that?” (In my head I said nope, mine was scary & mean) Lol… So big thanks to all of you who are doing such a great job at making kids feel comfortable. Sean can’t wait to go back!

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