Shara Y.

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Beth was awesome at holding our hand through insurance questions and pre-op. She was just so nice and always all smiles and reassuring! Shoshana (think that was her name) was professional and sweet. Dr. Dabir is just plain fantastic! My daughter was in no way scared as she went through each visit and finally surgery day at Children’s. He even took the time to go to her level and dressed her little stuffed kangaroo as a patient so that she would see it had come out of surgery like a champ like her. So cute! He’s always great. He takes as much time as needed to get questions answered and makes sure we feel safe and comfortable. I really love this dentist and highly recommend it. Update-after only a few weeks, my five year old, post op and pain free wants to become “a dentist” in her words. Incredible what an amazing impression they had with her!

Shara Y. June 11, 2018

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