Stacy F., Oceanside, CA.

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We moved to Oceanside four years ago, and I began taking the children to this dentist office on the advice of a neighbor. THIS PLACE IS GREAT, and not just for the upscale children’s dentist office whistles and bangs. Dr. Dabir is very patient in explaining what needs to be done, and reviews preventive maintenance with both children and parents. Any questions I have on billing are patiently handled and investigated. For those reviewers complaining about cost, I’d like to introduce them to some of the more horse-trading dentist offices I’ve had to deal with in this area. Trust me when I say that these prices are reasonable, and unnecessary services are not pushed. My husband and I have both said we wished this office took adult patients. You can trust this office, pure and simple.

Stacy F., Oceanside, CA. June 11, 2018

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